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I watched the choir at the Fiesta and was blown away at how totally proffessional they all were. The singing was great and the harmonies superb. The sound was incredible and the choreography made it come alive.  When they did the Queen tribute well "they knocked it out the park" SOMEBODY TO LOVE WOW!  ..... Bernie Camposol B 

When the choir came on I thought "Oh God I am off to watch the ABBA tribute, but within 3 minutes I was hooked and stayed... what entertainment... Gary Sector B 

I don't like choirs and I hate rock music, but listening to these guys has changed my point of view.... I LOVED IT!

Sara Sector D 

I am not one for superlatives but what I heard tonight was "World class" ...Alison Sector C

Link to our latest performance (below)

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You guys rocked it tonight. Wonderful song choices, great look and brilliant energy. Hats off to you guys! Beryl Sector A 

30875 Mazarrón, Murcia, Spain

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